Journey to the Centre of Zorn

by Terriblething

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released August 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Terriblething Victoria, British Columbia

Songs about things

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Track Name: Transmogrification Pertaining to the Destruction of Infinitesimal Biomechanical Organisms
Galactic visions of the quest beyond the stars
The pulsar fluctuating in the void
Celestial constellation patterns in the sky
The chronosphere repeats its battlecry

Infatuated with the cryogenic core
The chronosphere resplendent in the rift
Transdermal celebrations echo through it's mind
The chronosphere engages warp drive nine

And if you find yourself on the planet with no name
Adrift in the farthest reach of our galaxy
Well I know what I'd do if it happened to me
I'd live there in space for all of eternity
Track Name: Yuko San
Yuko San
Mystical samurai warrior
Mighty katana gleams against the sunset rays
Yuko San
Both deadly and beautiful
The teachings of bushido
Honour and loyalty
That is the way of the samurai

When Yuko San eats the magic berries
Her mind just don't know which way to go
And is her mind a disaster, yes very
Why did she have to go and swallow my berries whole?

Kinjay nasaru, matsu ray tinika
Shurigasu mina kuruuuuuuu
Tana suru gah masu
Tsin-tsin turo goh
Masaru katay garu-noooong

Shinzin kabutay daro
Shisoniji kinita
Tara gasu ni charu cha cha cha
Yuko Suzuki!

Onjuro hoshi dana
Neshku dijita
Masa nosanji hasaruuuuu (Hai hai Samurai!)
Kaijo damo kai senah
yoyo makaru
masa karuday shao zunaaaaaaah

Nanu tishinisuri
Danu uj kaynong
Soska nutay japaru
Garumasu nicharu cha cha cha
Yuko suzuki
Track Name: The Flat Circle
Down in the tropic of cancer
No one will ever know
And I can see the setting suns
The spheres all pointing where I'm going

There's another one here and another one there
They're all out in the air
But ain't everyone looking for reason
Ain't everyone looking for facts
Just everybody looking for an answer
To where it's at

I can't dance
I can't jump, no no no
I gotta get people to do things for me
I can't sleep
I can't read, not at all
I can't think, 'cuz my thinking will bore me
There's more to this than we see on the surface
And I think that the truth is just a mystery
I'm in a world where everything's perfect
And I'm in a world where everyone's happy

In the neanderthal ocean
There's a tidal motion
Where both hemispheres reunite
And does the sea not gather up his brothers
As he calls to them in unison 'We tried to make it right'

There's another one here
And another one there
They come out of the blue
Ain't nobody wanna be anxious
Don't everybody wanna be free?
Yesterday is a good day to do what has to be done by me

And if tight then, baby
It's the right time to do it in the night
'Cuz it's life we're livin'
And if we fight, well maybe
There's just no more lovin' baby
Just close your eyes and give in

It's time forget about the fact we can't dance
Track Name: Bobby Baboon
Bobby Baboon lived in a cocoon
Among his monkey brethren on the moon
And no, he'd never listen
It treated him well
The life in his shell
He'd step outside into a living hell
Where spirals lean and glisten

Astral guidance
The soldiers appear
Erotically he farts into the night
Microscopic particles of grime hits the screen
Oh Bobby Baboon
What a help you have been

It can't be helped that his monkey brain
Will cause him to misbehave
There's a thing that will cause Bobby's brain to react
In a most unsavory way

No it's not his fault that his monkey brain
Will cause him to misbehave
Calmly polluting his kin to their grave
He doesn't know what he does
All he knows is just a beef or two

No it's not his fault that his monkey brain
Will cause him to misbehave
Slyly releasing the cheeses he's made
He doesn't know what he does
All he knows is just a beef or two

And though the story might seem quite moronical
It's metaphorical in it's simplicity
And as the tales unfold they're allegorical
In their historical innacuracy
Track Name: Chewbacca
When you're in space
there's no better partner to have
Ooo Chewbacca
You'll know him well
by his distinctive yell
Ooo Chewbacca

With his best friends
Luke, Leia and Han
Co-pilot 'board the Millennium Falcon
And in one quick blink of an eye they're gone
A-Ooo Chewbacca

He ain't no walkin' carpet
He's from the wookie race
Ooo Chewbacca
He fires his bowcaster into somebody's face
Ooo Chewbacca

What a good guy
Helpin' out Obi Wan
Flyin' him and his buddy Luke
On a trip to Alderaan
But bad luck the Death Star's tractor beam is on
Ooo Chewbacca

Into the asteroid field I follow
You better listen to my words

'Cause he just might tear your arms out
but take my word he's really a nice guy
And he sure won't make the mistake
of makin' life debts he's donna break
Just remember what I tell you
Track Name: Prophet's Game
In a hermetically sealed chamber
Deep beneath the ice and snow
The prophet waits, freezing with his words
That nobody else should know

When a tiny ray of sunshine
Creeps towards the grand vizier
The prophet waits, singing songs in his head
That nobody else should hear

And it's endemic of the times
Why should all the prophets be locked away
Their thoughts their only crime
And though they say we're all the same
We're all locked in a struggle to the death
Pawns in the prophet's game

Where the cyclops lie in slumber
While the prophet gently dreams
In the land of the one eyed the two eyed man
Will surely reign supreme

Oh tell us prophet where should we go?
The query twisted up with fear
When every thought is the same as the last
It seems slightly insincere

And it's endemic of the times
Why should all the prophets be locked away
Their thoughts their only crime
And though their thoughts are all the same
We're all locked in a struggle to the death
Pawns in the prophet's game

Oh tell us mystical man
Should we run in fear from this dark land?
Is there anything else here left for me?
'Run away' is what the wise man said
And the prophet will agree
He doth possess such clarity

And should we follow through the valley of lies
His vision will guide us through
We shall avoid the harpies gaze
The titans rage
The minotaur maze
And if you see them coming
You'd better step out of the way
'Cause they'll defile and eat you
That's what the prophets say

There was a little white blip on her lip
That she bit with the tip of her teeth
And with those sirens prowling all around her
She can't get no relief
'Cause she's a terrible thing with a heart in her chest
Like the edge of a knife
Yes, she's a little unhinged and she'll cut you within
An inch of your life

And she will ride to the sun while her men have begun
To march into the sea
And it's really kinda sad that she's trapped so alone
In her misery
And in the side of her skull there's a forty watt bulb
Sticking out of her head
And when she shines a light all of the vultures take flight
To where the prophet said
Track Name: Run Simone
Simone she stands and stares at the horde approaching
Eye sockets empty and hollow
Digesting brains, the crowd stretch their hands toward her
Craving flesh they might swallow

You better run, Simone

Simone she stands oblivious to all around her
All while the tide grows ever nearer
With laser eyes the shark people gather closer
Erections grow with thoughts of murder

You better run, Simone

Now you might wonder why this clumsy stupid girl
is wandering through the wasteland all alone
All getting herself into dangerous situations
Such is the cursed life of poor Simone

You better run, Simone
So accident prone
Track Name: How Sweet The Grease
Theres something about you girl I just can't explain
some magical reason I can't get you outta my brain
While thinkin of you I fantasize
you make me shake, lady, deep beneath my disguise

One lady, one man
Now what could be the plan that we make tonight?
Cause your body feels so right
We gotsta groove and get on the move
so silky smooth
sweet lady please
Your grease is my disease

How sweet the grease

So sexy
you vex me
whenever you are next to me
I want to tell you woman don't you know
that the sweet carress
of your silkiness
makes my stubborn lovin nodules start to grow

And we get on down
to the funk we pumpalump
You got your rump, I got my stump
let's intertwine
I know you feel it and I feel it too
If you got some free time well here's what we can do

One lady, one man
Some love should be the plan that we make tonight
Stash it tight and outta sight
We gotsta groove and get on the move
so silky smooth
sweet lady please
Your grease brings me to my knees

Well I am the man with the most funk groove spittin on the beat
and I got a little story 'bout a fine little shorty who I saw standin on the street
She looked good
and I'm fine with that
I really definitely damn sure am
She had a strut that hefty butt
just made my brain say ooo goddamn
She got style in all three dimensions
the kinda moves that get my full attention
undivided I focus on her
That girl look dirty
I thought 'hey girl she look real good' and 'girl hey she look fine'
and when I told her she was lookin fine well she said that was just fine

Oh the girl so fine
she give it to me one time
she give it to me two times in addition to the one
now three times she mine every night that I climb inside
I gotta call the police to control the grease

Everybody sing
How sweet the grease
Track Name: Spaceman 2
Spaceman riding through the stars
How does he get there? Who knows?
How does he find himself out on those distant planets?
His spaceship takes him where he goes

Oh yes indeed
It will be a respectable time
Oh yes indeed
It will be quite normal and nice

Oh spaceman flying to the stars
Where will he get to? Who knows?
Already he has flown billions of miles somewhere
He's flown so far from his home

That people say he's lost his mind
Travelling so far away
And though he might be lost tonight
Someday he'll find somewhere to stay

Spaceman flyin to the stars
Is he alone there? Indeed.
But when he finds himself that perfect shapely planet
There'll be no one to intercede
Yes, guaranteed.