by Terriblething

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released March 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Terriblething Victoria, British Columbia

Songs about things

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Track Name: Fish Knuckle
A man that sits upon the tree
describing what it is he sees
The strangest thing you've ever heard
he starts to laugh it's just absurd

He lost his grip
he falls right down
smashing his face into the ground
I look around
it's plain to see
everybodys's going crazy but me

A cosmic ship from the unknown
appears one night outside my home
And from the hatch some aliens
they come in peace they are my friends

I climb aboard
they strap me in
they promise to remove my skin
I look around
it's plain to see
this whole world is drownin' in insanity

Things get better when
we're together these
songs of passion
are my reaction
And when you call out
through nuclear fallout
I'll be there searching for you
Ooo wee ooo

The man who frets upon the stage
he writes the words upon the page
He pulls his hair turns inside out
he forgets everything he's writing about

He stumbles down
into the road
He makes a fist it breaks his nose
I look around
it's plain to see
we're mad as shithouse rats in this here humanity
Track Name: D'Artagnan's Canyon
This is the tale of sarsaparilla
of fools and cowards standing on the scene
They write their message on the cover of a magazine

D'Artagnan's canyon was talked about
far and wide across the land
And those who heard its tales thought it mighty grand
to play in the band

And those who heard the sound
can be found

And the castles on the hill
stand there still
that is until

D'Artagnan stood beneath the overpass
doused himself in gasoline
And the mere sight is enough to make the women scream
it is quite obscene

The stone fell down from the overpass
hit him right between the eyes
And though it came out of nowhere it was no surprise
you must realize

D'Artagnan's canyon was far and wide
talked about across the land
By those who bow before the aluminium hand
the man controls the sand

Now where could she be
that sweet, sweet beef broccoli
Track Name: Praise Space
You say you talk too much
vocal surrender
Now a light above the clouds
calling to her home

One day she's by herself
there is no one there
Now a light above the clouds
calling to her home
Track Name: Dr Dan
We shouldn't have to start over again
they know they all have got another thing coming
And as they lean into the flames
they're probably only all just waiting here for something

And Dr Dan says
"There nothing to be found
there will be room for us all"

"This wasn't gonna get better with time"
the doctor said this as he looked in the mirror
"I am the one holding the knife"
he'll push his scalpel just a little bit deeper

And Dr Dan says
"There nothing to be found
there will be room for us all"

The doctor says he's going home for the night
he peers around before he climbs into the sewer
There's paramedics standing by
all waiting for that classic Dr Dan manure

And Dr Dan says
"There nothing to be found
there will be room for us all"

Into the night
(he is the ultimate)
Track Name: Auxilliary Ham Sandwich
This happened last time
I went out on a thursday
It was a bright british morning
in a fake british cafe

Two women were talking
in hushed hurried voices
Over what sort of menu
they should make with their choices

Well then one of the ladies
who had inferior vision
Began shouting quite loudly
about her dog that was missing

But nobody answered
and nobody noticed
She was a pretty good dancer
but nobody would know this

She went out to the party
of her beleagured acquaintance
She was smelling quite badly
of some unspeakable fragrance

While she throttled the whiskey
her brain entirely mangled
She recognized a jazz man
whom she had briefly entangled

She remembered the last time
the two of them were together
How they were getting quite rowdy
all dressed in thick spanish leather

But at the time neither one of them
would ever take any chances
And now the two of them stood there
exchanging quick furtive glances

Twenty minutes away now
in the immediate future
'round the corner or something
she must have thought it would suit her

To lie down in the ashtray
of some despicable person
There was much more than one way
her situation could worsen

But she'll carry on gladly
not hoping it'll get better
She'll probably wander quite blindly
not caring where it'll get her

And nobody answered
and nobody noticed
She was a pretty good dancer
but nobody would know this

And if I see her again
I hope she's doing much better than the last time...oh no!
And if I see her again
I hope she's doing much better than the owner of a lonely heart
Track Name: It Is Happening Again
Through the fire we walk along
the skies are grey now Laura Palmer's gone
And it hurts enough
but Coop can make it
Coop can make it right
A scream rings through the night
Leland's hair turns white

There's always music all the while
that gum you like is coming back in style
And it hurts so much
her arms are bending
her arms are bending back
She leans and whispers in his ear
as Cooper's eyes turn black
Track Name: Lando Don't Go
Lando resided in a city in the clouds
he wore some leisure suits
some bolo ties 'n boots
Him and the ugnaughts all just fight for survival
with Lobot by his side
administration be his guide

Don't go Lando Calrissian

When Han drops by Lando will do what he's able
to restore the Falcon's hyperdrive
But look who's there sitting 'cross at the table
those kids will barely make it out alive

Don't go Lando Calrissian
Track Name: The Holy Mountain
I met a girl outside the holy mountain
and I saw a face that I used to know
A simple a string of words
best left unspoken
we wander through the undertow

I heard a noise outside
the mountain sinking and I
propagate the deserts golden seas
And when the clock tears open
the fire falling
we revel in our latency

All of the people gathered
in circles 'round the mountain
watching the spheres spin harmoniously
And when we go outside
the party's over
we've squandered all our legacy

And they'll harvest an egg

Many more will follow
Many more will die
Many more will answer
to the demon's cry

Run for the hills
run for your life
catch me if you can
when you see the light
in your rearview mirror
makes livin' in sin just a little bit clearer

And so it was thus
simply because
there was enough
for them all to be
encased in carbon freezin'
and lord knows there ain't no reason

And thank you to us for listening
the light from the television above
what does it take to get to the art of your love?
We're watching the passing windows
we look and we're seeing nothing at all
I'm gonna love you all through the winter, spring, summer and fall

And they'll harvest an egg
Track Name: Uzumaki
She's not like the rest of them
falling toward the spiral in the sun
She looks quite familiar
out of spite she rolls her eyes around

She's not like the rest of them
falling in a spiral toward the sun
She looks quite familiar
in her fright she rolls her eyes around
Track Name: The Terrible Trap
Oh stand with me and tell me tales
you told me yesterday
We'll laugh until our hair falls out
our skin gets old and grey

Now come sit down in a cozy chair
beside the fire's roar
I'll laugh until my head falls off
and so forevermore

And when I see your eyes
they stare right through
Oh my love
could this be forever?

When we meet we reminisce
good times we've had a few
We'll laugh until our teeth fall out
our gums all cracked and blue

So walk with me
down a lonely trail
that reaches to the shore
I'll laugh until my head falls off
and so forevermore
Track Name: Tiny People
We probably thought it's all over and done
they put a message out there for anyone
In spite of that they're gonna do what it takes
inside the spider world they make

Toeing the line
ain't they quite mischievous
but they're still a mystery to me
All the trumpets we made
and the cellos we bought them
we'd sleep in the shade
of the tulips more often
While you lie wide awake with
your head on my shoulder
we're two aging children
and we're getting older

They might have thought it was the end of the fight
their innocence would spell their ending that night
And from the books they read how could they know
that all the war was just a show

Hauling a line
ain't they quite lecherous
but it all looks treacherous to me
All the crumpets we made
and the drumsticks we bought them
we'd teach them the ways
that we shouldn't have taught them
While you stand in the lake with
your head on my shoulder
we're two aging children
and we're getting older